Feasibility Evaluations

Making feasibility decisions in the business world involves an analysis of two distinct yet inter-related questions: Can I do it?, and if so, should I do it?

Each question requires a completely separate approach, reference base and perspective.

  • As to the first, i.e. possibility, I can lead and help you conduct thorough, discrete and professional investigations, research, and due diligence examinations, and to report findings with exceptional clarity and depth.
  • With respect to the second, relating to judgment, I bring 30+ years of experience in evaluating legal, business and financial risks, insight, perspective, a nose for deception and an aversion to hype – all of which contribute to an exceptional ability to provide sound advice and counsel.By consistently spotting key issues, asking the right questions, and engaging my clients in meaningful, candid dialogues, I have been instrumental in helping many business organizations define and achieve their objectives.

Business Plans and Corporate Communications


I excel at writing comprehensive, professional business plans for a wide range of clients and needs. Drawing upon my expertise in feasibility evaluations, I conduct in-depth research and generate compelling, credible and persuasive presentations which address all of the components expected by sophisticated investors, shareholders, and other constituencies, e.g. a concise executive summary; descriptions of the business concept, the specific product or service being offered management, market opportunity, competitive and risk factors, marketing and sales strategies; financial assumptions and models, and complete pro-forma financial statements.

My expertise in writing effective presentations is also applicable to all manner of corporate communications, such as marketing literature, Web site content, SEC disclosure and offering documents, shareholder letters, press releases, research reports, and position statements of any ilk. By assembling complex, voluminous data from many sources, organizing it, and presenting it in terms crafted for the intended audience, I use this expertise to market a company’s policies and products, advocate positions, carry out diplomatic missions, and use these skills generally to persuade, negotiate and motivate.

Specific Examples

  • Comprehensive Business Plans – Professional, end-to-end plans, with in-depth industry research and due diligence, a thorough discussion of all material issues, and the financial projections expected by sophisticated investors.
  • Short-Form Plans and Executive Summaries – These condensed presentations – from 3 to 4 page “pitch pieces,” to more elaborate 8 to 10 page executive summaries – help qualify investor interest and set up “next steps.”
  • Plan Fixes – We help you organize and take maximum advantage of your current material, finish uncompleted sections, conduct needed research and investigation, and otherwise assist in filling the gaps shortcomings of existing presentations.
  • Corporate Plans – We supplement your existing staff when deadlines loom and resources are in short supply. Our operating plans add impact that stands out from typical in-house work, within the requirements of your expected corporate format.

Advantages of engaging Valcon International to write your plan include:

  • Instant Credibility – Nothing establishes credibility better than an articulate, professional presentation of your business and its objectives.
  • Customized, Industry-Based Content – Sophisticated investors recognize the generic language and format of plans based on off-the-shelf software programs – and rarely take them seriously. Our superior writing and information-gathering skills combine to provide you with compelling and convincing content.
  • Avioding Loss of Focus – A proper plan requires gathering, organizing and articulating complex, voluminous data from many sources. Our services enable you and your staff to remain focused on your business.

No Client too Small or too Big!

  • Early-Stage Ventures – I excel in writing the compelling presentations that lead to raising capital
  • Established Mid-Sized Firms – I provide professional plans that enable you to secure bank financing, prepare SEC offering documents, attract a joint venture or acquisition partner.
  • Fortune 500 – Assistance to corporations short on personnel with requisite skill sets to prepare operating and other plans.
  • Non Profits – Plans are needed to secure 501(c)(3) status and anchor most grant applications. I have years of experience helping non-profits succeed in this area.

Transaction Management

It starts with collaborating with management to define the objective, then organizing the team, making assignments, establishing reporting lines and accountability, setting time lines and performance targets, then managing the entire process through closing. I have the ability to work under pressure and perform all critical functions – motivation, negotiation, documentation and above all, protection of client interests.

I am experienced in all types of business and corporate transactions – new business formation (including analysis of structuring alternatives, e.g. corporation, LLC, California, Nevada, Delaware); asset and stock sales; public and private debt and equity financings; investment and shareholder agreements; mergers and acquisitions; work-outs, establishment of joint ventures and strategic relationships.

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