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The services I offer are based upon the realization that the management of corporate legal affairs demands a special combination of skill sets, and an approach to legal representation which addresses the specific needs of senior business executives.

Mature, fully-operational organizations recognize the value of establishing and maintaining a full-fledged in-house legal department, in order to control costs and risks and more effectively manage the delivery of legal services. However, many smaller companies, and those in a development, transitional or a work-out mode, are typically not capable of hiring a full-time, experienced general counsel, even though it would be extremely beneficial to do so. In these circumstances, outside lawyers and law firms are customarily engaged and are left to be managed by the CEO, COO or CFO.

Such “outside” service models present inherent difficulties for both the client and the attorney. Communication between outside counsel and company management is often difficult, and interfacing with attorneys in private practice is something many busy executives would rather avoid. In addition, the overhead demands of most outside law firms create billing rates that are often beyond the capacity of many organizations.

This is where my services can be particularly helpful. By consolidating legal affairs in one individual – one who truly understands the meaning of general counsel, who can operate externally if need be, yet is genuinely accessible – corporate executives can concentrate on their core business activities, yet remain confident that legal matters are being handled competently and in a timely fashion.

My track record demonstrates a superior level of expertise in all phases of general counsel work, including negotiating and documenting all manner of corporate agreements and contracts, creating standardized forms, establishing preventive law programs, counseling management on litigation-avoidance tactics, negotiating and documenting all manner of business transactions, establishing new business entities, corporate record keeping and compliance, negotiating the resolution of business disputes, overseeing human resources, risk management and other administrative functions, engaging and managing outside specialists, and all other matters falling within the purview of legal affairs.

Most importantly, I bring to every engagement the ability not only to identify and evaluate risks, but also to find practical business solutions.

To Prospective Clients and Employers

Serving as “virtual” General Counsel, I take a proprietary and intensely personal view of my relationship with your company. I am there for no other reason than to further your interests and objectives, and in order to do so, I first of all must make an assessment of all aspects of the enterprise. Once my due diligence investigation is complete, and I decide to take on the engagement, you will never find a more loyal member of the team.

One of the reasons I have pursued general counsel work over private practice is my affinity for business. Above all, I am interested in your company and in helping it define and achieve its objectives. This is what I believe sets me apart from many of my colleagues – the fact that I operate first of all from the standpoint of the company and its management. In this manner, I am able communicate and interface extremely effectively with corporate CEO’s, COO’s and CFO’s and to inspire their confidence.

During the course of my career, I have been fortunate to have represented a number of high-profile organizations as full-time general counsel. In addition, on many occasions, I have served as the “outside” general counsel for several other enterprises. This experience has involved setting up legal departments from the ground up, as well as stepping in to the role of managing a large staff of attorneys and paralegals. As a consequence, I have developed expertise in all aspects of serving as general counsel.

Services available and offered include:

  • A complete legal audit – a review of all material agreements, pending disputes, corporate practices and policies, corporate records, marketing literature, consultant and vendor relationships, etc.
  • The development of standardized contracts and instruments, and training sessions to insure proper usage by corporate staff.
  • Counseling of corporate executives in connection with personnel matters, vendor relationships, contracts and other matters in order to minimize legal disputes, and development of other preventive law programs.
  • The maintenance of all corporate records – minute books, resolutions, regulatory filings, etc.
  • Total management of legal affairs – working closely with corporate management, overseeing all legal matters, deciding which to handle and which to refer out to litigation, securities or other outside counsel, and otherwise serving as management’s dedicated legal control point.
  • Negotiating and documenting all manner of corporate contracts, agreements, forms and instruments, as well as a wide range of corporate transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions, the formation of new business units, the establishment of strategic business relationships, partnerships and/or joint ventures, vendor relationships, etc.
  • Management and oversight of corporate administrative matters, such as human resources, employee benefits and risk management.
  • Management and oversight of civil litigation and representation as counsel of record in all manner of California state court actions.
  • Development of effective marketing and corporate presentation materials.
  • Superior collaboration and analytical skills, providing the ability to add value in strategic planning, operations, and general problem solving.

Over the years, I have developed a massive archive of computer-stored contracts, forms and other documents from which to draw. In addition, I have access to the vast research library offered by Westlaw. I am completely conversant with all modern business tools and completely computer literate. In this manner, I am able to generate all work product without staff assistance, with total Internet accessibility. In this manner, I am able to effectively manage legal affairs from my own office, meeting with company management on-site only as necessary. If necessary, I am capable of generating documents from remote sites through the use of portable computers and printers in my possession.

It is this unique combination of total flexibility, self-sufficiency and mobility, coupled with sophisticated, top-tier general counsel experience, which affords me the ability to make good on the promise that, if necessary, I can effectively manage your legal affairs without the need of an office or full-time employment.

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