Open Letter to Prospective Clients Interested in Starting a New Business

Something I have done a great deal of over the course of my career, but which I believe is likely to be very much in demand in the troubled economic time we face, is helping individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit start new businesses. If you are such a person, family or group, I have the expertise, skill sets and business savvy to coach you through the process and do what has to be done to get your business formed and launched.

The legal profession in recent years has spawned a number of firms that offer business-law services “in a box.” You can, for example, find on the Internet any number of places to obtain pre-set forms, super-streamlined packaged services, or services to “help you incorporate” in any state for modest, pre-set fees. My firm is not one of these, because I believe there are too many variables and important issues requiring discussion to fit the narrow boxes these other types of shops shove you into. For some, there may be no need to form a separate business entity, and proceeding simply under a fictitious name is appropriate. Others may find a Subchapter S corporation in a foreign state is the best way to go. For others, it’s a sole member limited liability company.

My point is that it takes a seasoned legal expert to advise you about these choices, walk you through the alternatives, extract from you the key information needed, and make the best recommendations for you, to fit your particular risk profile, sophistication level, and business parameters. I am such an expert, and because business formation requires counseling, advice, education and recommendations – together with drafting documents, filing and pure “get it done” services – it is important that we first meet one another, and that you engage me formally to be your legal advisor. In return, I promise that you will be given the highest quality services at a very fair, reasonable price.

Now that you have some idea of what I offer in this area, let me share with you what it is I need to do to coach clients through the process of taking a business idea and turning it into reality:

  • Assess the experience, sophistication level and financial wherewithal of the client.
  • Sort out any conflicts of interest relating to the representation of multiple individuals even though there is only one common goal.
  • Assess the business concept in terms of likelihood of success, how much capital will be required, who the competition is, how the start-up capital will be funded, how the company will market its products/services, and the market potential for the business. See my section on Consulting »
  • Sort out company name, brand name, trademark and other intellectual property issues, and help the client with all necessary front-end decisions.
  • Sort out any special risk, asset protection or liability issues so that the correct form of business entity can be established (e.g. corporation, partnership, limited liability company), in what state, and how the initial equity ownership is to be shared.
  • Guide and counsel the client with respect to capital structure; ownership, management and control matters; related small business issues; answering all questions, and provide appropriate recommendations.
  • Act upon the plan agreed to by drafting the necessary charter instruments, forming the entity in question, documenting all organizational matters (initial minutes, operating agreements, shareholder agreements).
  • Be there to help the client with everything else a new business needs, including EIN; accounting services; an employee manual; HR compliance; basic operating agreements and forms; general counseling re. risk avoidance; adequate insurance coverage; real estate leases (I am also a licensed real estate broker); transaction assistance. See, in this regard, my section on « Virtual General Counsel » and « Real Estate Services ».

Some of the clients I have assisted in this fashion have found, down the road, that they eventually needed the services of a larger firm, for specialized services, large-scale projects, or other perfectly legitimate reasons. In this way, I am pleased to serve as an escort, helping you get from the pure idea phase, to the point of having a going concern.

I have expertise and a successful track record in providing every single aspect of the foregoing checklist. Furthermore, I am acutely sensitive to client financial limitations, and make it a point to be flexible and price my services fairly. In this regard, I also am willing to take some portion of my fees in the form or equity in the new venture. For more information on my experience, and the full range of services offered, please « click here ».

If you find yourself with the urge and/or unavoidable need in these trouble times, to start your own business, please reach out by « e-mail » or phone (818) 340-0939. As noted above, because of the many variables, and the importance of what is at stake, getting started first requires a consultation, preferably face to face. I want you to meet me, see what I am all about, and I need to meet you for the same reason, plus there is so much information to exchange in the early going, that it really only makes sense to start with a meeting and establish a formal attorney-client relationship.

In sum: I have worked in a wide range of industries, in companies started from the ground up, as well as mature, public concerns. I have learned how to deal successfully with people from all walks of life, difficult, complex problems, and all of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs. Perhaps more importantly, I bring a well-earned reputation for honesty, integrity and personal responsibility to every client engagement. You can trust me to be square with you every step of the way, tell you what you need to hear as opposed to what you may only want to hear, and help you make those hard decisions. Give me a chance to be your “escort” and I will help you sharpen your focus, define your new business objectives, and help you achieve them.

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Open Letter to Clients

Something I have done a great deal of over the course of my career, but which I believe is likely to be very much in demand in the troubled economic time we face, is helping individuals with ... More Information »