• Starting a New Business? This section tells you exactly what steps are involved, what issues need to be addressed, and what you can expect when you engage my services. Whether you are a young college graduate, a recently laid-off senior, or any other person/group with an entrepreneurial itch, I can answer all your questions, and get the job done right and at a fair price.  Plus, I am someone you can trust.
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  • General and Virtual General Counsel – Consolidation of legal affairs in one control person – an experienced general counsel grounded in risk analysis, comprehensive management of all legal concerns and supervision of outside attorneys; hands-on performance of full range of legal services; access to a vast library of electronically-stored corporate instruments and contract forms; ability to work off-site yet remain totally connected through telephone, fax, e-mail and scheduled office visits.
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  • Value-Driven Executive Support and Consulting – Feasibility investigations and general problem solving assignments; drafting of business plans, marketing literature, securities offering memoranda.
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  • Non-Profit Services – Establishment of non-profit corporations, procurement of 501(c)(3) tax exemption status; development of business plans; preparation of grant requests.
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United Agencies

Valcon International is pleased to recommend its strategic partner, United Agencies and its Small Business Insurance Center » for all lines of commercial, business, liability and homeowner insurance needs.

Open Letter to Clients

Something I have done a great deal of over the course of my career, but which I believe is likely to be very much in demand in the troubled economic time we face, is helping individuals with ... More Information »