This Website was originally designed and launched in 2003, and updated through 2011, when my life changed due to becoming afflicted with ALS, aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Since then, I’ve become immobilized and quite disabled, but my mind, memory and mental capacity, are all intact and I’m able to interact effectively with others via a computer set up for physically disabled users. This has enabled me to remain active as a business lawyer and executive, representing a handful of major clients, albeit in a very limited way. Specifically, I’m unable speak and need professional nursing care 24/7. My reason for posting this message is not for the purpose of recruiting new clients, but rather to inform viewers of my background and experience, primarily for personal and historical purposes. In keeping with this approach, additional postings and content changes will follow.

Based on the foregoing, several significant changes have occurred along the way, which I would like to share with you:

  • My Christian faith and commitment has been restored, giving me the inspiration to describe what I am working and praying for as the outcome to my ALS experience, via, a poem I wrote:
  • Journey

    In darkness, despair is looming, and nowhere are blossoms blooming
    Fears soon turn to tears, and an evil specter of demise appears
    Comes then a lesson, exposing the depth of Satanic oppression
    Love from Above brings vision of Live to Give and Live to Love
    Awake, recovery looms and everywhere it seems blossoms bloom
    Fears disappear, and distant friends draw ever so near
    In session after session, comes love, soothing and finding expression
    As flying is to a dove, my essence now and forever…is Love
    No more strife… only life…
    Darkness, done… now only sun…
    © Mark Dodge – 2013 – All rights reserved

  • Friends from near and far have made it a habit to visit me on a recurring basis, prompting me to think in terms of “bedside bonding”, and, rejoice in the experience.
  • I’m still active in Blackstone Oil & Gas, Inc., a company I co-founded in 2006, but, due to my condition, in January I had to relinquish my role as President and take a pay cut.
  • I continue to assist my wife, Karn, with FixNation (, not nearly as much as in the past, but still in an effective way on matters of priority, as co-Founder and corporate President.
  • As noted above, client engagements still come my way, limited now mainly to consulting/advisory matters I can handle via e-mail and occasional in-home meetings, including trademark/copyright projects.
  • I have become prolific as a writer, primarily of autobiographical narration pieces, emotion-driven poetry, and communications to friends, relatives, clients and my attending nurses.
  • My darling wife, Karn, and I continue our blissful commitment to one another, sharing the joyful experience of life together and just being in love – always. To commemorate our being married 35 years, we renewed our vows in a Santa Monica beach ceremony this past June 3, before 16 of our dearest friends.
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